Voted one of Western North Carolina’s top pet daycares/kennels, YOU WORK, I’LL PLAY provides daily care for social dogs while their owners are working, traveling, or going to places where their dogs are not welcome. We are open for daycare from 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday. During a day at YOU WORK, I’LL PLAY, dogs have a chance to interact with other dogs, get exercise, and expend their energy in a non-destructive manner. Dogs are placed in groups dependent on size, age, mobility, and sociability. Relaxation areas with beds, crates, and radio, and “time out” areas for misbehaving dogs are included. Throughout the day, dogs are monitored by staff who provide individual attention to each dog. They have access to both indoor and outdoor areas, depending on weather conditions. Medication and diets are given according to owners’ instructions.

In order to maintain a safe, fun environment for everyone, we limit the number of dogs in the playgroups and require that all daycare dogs be dropped off by noon; therefore, daycare appointments must be made in advance. Prior to accepting a new dog into YOU WORK, I’LL PLAY, employees assess a dog’s ability to be in a group of other dogs to be sure they are social before they can attend daycare. In addition, dogs must be spayed or neutered if older than six months and be vaccinated against Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (puppies must have had at least their second round of shots). Dogs must also be on flea and heartworm prevention. Collars are required and all dogs must be brought in on a leash. Owners are asked to sign a release form and will be informed of our liability insurance coverage. We have a nearby veterinarian affiliated with the facility in the event of an emergency.

Dogs in the facility are treated under the best care and supervision using positive reinforcement and are provided with constant stimulation using a variety of toys and enriching objects. We treat and spoil the dogs as if they are our own!

Daycare Rates
1 day $37.00
1 day sibling $32.00
5 day pass $170.00 ($34.00/day)
5 day sibling pass $155.00 ($31.00/day)
15 day pass $480.00 ($32.00/day)
15 day sibling pass $435.00 ($29.00/day)
½ day (5 hours) $27.00
½ day sibling $25.00
5 day ½ day pass $125.00 ($25.00/day)
5 day ½ day sibling pass $120.00 ($24.00/day)
15 day ½ day pass $360.00 ($24.00/day)
15 day ½ day sibling pass $330.00 ($22.00/day)
•Daycare dogs must be dropped off by noon.
•Refer a doggy friend and receive $10.00 off your next visit.
•Bring proof your dog was adopted from an animal shelter and get $10.00 off the first full day visit or $5.00 off a half day.
•On the 1st day, if dog is found to be an incompatible playmate and owner can pick it up within the first four hours of its visit, the daycare fee will be waived.
Late pick up fee
(Business hours are 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday)
$10.00 for 1st 15 minutes (on our atomic clock)
$1.00 for every 2 minutes thereafter
If you are running late, please give us a call.

*Please remember to call first to make an appointment for daycare and/or boarding. There are many requirements and forms to fill out prior to admitting your dog(s). Call us for more information.

Crateless Boarding

Here at YOU WORK, I’LL PLAY, we offer two types of boarding options. If your dog does not get along with other dogs, is older, or is not allowed to play for health reasons, we offer traditional boarding which provides your dog with its own kennel run. If your dog is social, he or she can participate in our daycare play groups while staying with us. However, there may be times that you make a boarding appointment and would like your dog to do daycare but we are unable to provide the service every day due to being booked for play. If that is the case, your dog will be boarded in the traditional manner for that day but placed on the waiting list for play in the event that we have a cancellation. You also have the option of alternating play days with traditional boarding days if you would like to. For further clarification, below are the differences between traditional boarding and boarding with daycare:

Boarding with daycare:

Your dog plays in the appropriate social group during the day.
In the afternoon, those staying overnight are separated into their own spots and fed dinner if needed.
Overnight, all boarders have their own area and are put to bed with peanut butter kong treats if allowed.
In the morning, dogs are fed as needed and then put together for another day of play.

Traditional boarding:

Dogs boarding without daycare are kept in their own runs (20 square feet or larger) throughout the day in the kennel building.
Staff members let the dogs out into the fenced-in yard at the kennel every 2-3 hours for potty breaks and/or playtime.
Dogs are given interactive toys for mental stimulation as needed (i.e. stuffed kongs, puzzle cubes, etc.)

Weekend and holiday hours for boarding drop-offs and pick-ups are 8:00 to 11:00am and 3:30 to 5:00pm.

Weekday drop-offs must be done by 5:00pm to allow the dog time to get settled before we leave for the night at 7:00.

Crateless Boarding Rates

Boarding with day daycare or without daycare:

$50.00 per day for the first dog

$40.00 per day for each additional dog in the same kennel space


YOU WORK, I’LL PLAY offers weekday bathing services only to daycare and boarding dogs as well as basic grooming services such as nail trims, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression.

Grooming Rates
*Done on weekdays only*
Nail trim $20
Ear cleaning $15
Anal gland expression $20


Toy breeds $30
Small dogs $35
Medium dogs $40-45
Large dogs $50-55
Giant breeds $65+

(Bath prices include nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression at no extra charge)

Hard to handle fee $10-20
Long-haired breeds $10
Full brush out $10-20